What Every Teen Should Read Prior To Getting Behind The Wheel in Clinton, MO

What Every Teen Should Read Prior To Getting Behind The Wheel

Traci Shepard's Blog | What Every Teen Should Read Prior To Getting Behind The Wheel

Dear Teen Driver,

I am writing this to help you. You are embarking on one of the greatest moments of your life...


However, I want to be real with you and ensure that before you ever get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you fully understand your responsibilities going forward. Sure, you have dreamt of getting your license and going on joy rides with friends and those are the fun aspects of driving, but before you do, please keep in mind the following:

What Every Teen Driver Should Read Prior To Getting Behind The Wheel

  1. Careless Driving - Anytime you are not fully focused on the road, your driving can turn into careless driving, and because you are inexperienced, this heightens the chances of accidents. This means that you can easily turn your vehicle into a weapon. An average car can weigh 4,009 pounds, making an impact in an accident a scary realization for you, other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.
  1. Texting - It seems like a difficult task to put your smartphone away since we live on them 24/7. However, texting has no business happening while operating a vehicle. Luckily, newer vehicles have smartphone connections that aid in keeping drivers hands-free, but as a new driver, you truly should only use this feature for emergencies.
  1. Too Fast, Too Furious - Every new driver gets a rush of adrenaline when first driving a vehicle, but that rush should never override your better judgment. Joy rides are fun with friends, but speeding is dangerous and no matter what anyone says, or any games or movies you have watched you are taking a huge risk when speeding. Speeding can have very serious consequences that can ding your driving record, cause an accident that increases insurance costs, to being fined, or even worse, costing lives.
  1. Alcohol or Drugs - There is no excuse for ever getting behind a wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Make a promise to yourself and be proactive by designating a sober driver or call a cab or Uber.
  2. Hit and Run - Unfortunately, accidents happen, even when we are on our best behaviors. With that said, never leave an accident.

What could be a minor ding can turn into a bigger issue if you feel the urge to flee and follow through. 

You need to stay, exchange information, call your parents and do your best to remain calm.

Speak to your parents about accidents and what to do in those situations so you have an open dialogue with them. 

I hope these reminders hit home with you and that you understand the power you hold as a driver.

It sure can feel intimidating, but it too can and should feel exhilarating as you embark on further independence.



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