Facts & Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer in Clinton, MO

Facts & Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Traci Shepard's Blog | Facts & Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

We have all heard about how hot it can get inside a car. When the windows are tightly closed and doors are latched tight, the car can really act as an oven. Now that we are experiencing some serious summertime heat, I wanted to share some facts and tips to keep your car cool and all your loved ones safe.


  • “When temperatures outside range from 80 degrees to 100 degrees, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can quickly climb to between 130 to 172.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • “In terms of heat-rise over time, it makes very little difference whether a car’s windows are closed or partially open. In both cases, a car’s interior temperature can rise approximately 40 degrees within one hour, even when the exterior temperature is only 72°F.” – American Academy of Pediatrics study
  • “Never leave your pet in a parked car when the outside temperature is above 70 degrees. Not even with the windows partway down, not even in the shade, not even for a quick errand. Dogs and cats can’t sweat like humans, so they pant to lower their body temperature. If they’re inside a car, recycling very hot air, panting gives no relief, and heatstroke can happen quickly.”– Michael Dix DVM, Medical Director, Best Friends Animal Society


  • Find the shade - Try to park your car in a covered area like a garage or in a shady spot out from the sun’s rays. If you are going to be out of your car for an extended time it can really heat up if left in the sun. It is worth the extra steps to walk from a faraway shady spot or parking garage than to find your car has turned into a sauna while you were away.
  • Gotta wear shades - Use a window shade or visor to cut down on the direct sun waves that enter your car. These can really go a long way in keeping it cool inside. Add one to the back window of your car for extra protection.
  • Crack your windows. Even a small opening in your windows will promote ventilation and help keep your car cool. Make sure you don’t lower them too much. You don’t want anyone being able to put their arm in and unlock your doors.
  • Buy a solar-powered fan. These jewels are powered by the sun’s rays themselves and pull heat out of the car’s interior. They create constant air circulation which helps lower your car’s internal temperature.
  • Let it breathe – If you can, pause after you open your car door and let the heat escape. Just a few extra minutes with the door open can allow the hot air to leave and cooler air to enter the car.

Getting into a hot car that has been sitting in the sun can make you feel like you are being roasted. I hope you learned from the facts I shared and hopefully, these tips can help you and your car stay cool this summer.

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